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Hi, this is a true story (somewhat irregular). Aussie coulpe married with 2 children. My wife is a woman and normal now and not feel at size 44, 45 Y woman has always been a shy and reserved. I've always had the fantasy of seing And the best sex ever, with other guys, but I could not tell (although I've tried a lot of times). I used to pretend that we did, it was my Juicy Lucy and a tail that was not enough, with toys, etc, to my imagination to reality. Well, excuse my departure, which was against me, and it was Juicy Lucy, what I call and when we were doing (sometimes very), but I realized I, Y and get a cooler climate and better orgasms when through my femandjoy excuse, was routine. This was our sex life for years and am slowly trying to convince them that it is in my favor, which was accepted slowly. It seemed that maybe when I fucked her when she was asleep, which is pretendind. I was allowed all our toys and chocolates etc. Even Friut also have spoken with her, as an insertLuicy juicy, my Juicy Lucy - pussy was so juicy, I started the routine ( even if he had fallen asleep (apparently), who often wore their pajamas if they compfy old Lucy treatment juicy top and femandjoy shorts are stretched. Streching years of my behavior with the leg area two times larger than normal and rode the presentation of her pussy juicy and always top to her breasts, sliding over compfort. I loved this screw and pay me more naked sex, femandjoy as it was clever. This was the way they have done for years, I always whisper that he was blindfolded and that several people in the room were all touching and femandjoy masturbating (I wonder if they can smell dicks - she nodded (never ) then whispered to me that one was behind her and she feels that I slip dick in her pussy (but I whispered it would be an idiot, they repel was in the queue - I always came too fast - I had an assortment of dildos in a hiddenbag - you hear, you open the bag and just smile, and her legs were so, so loose and her pussy was so juicy. I will continue with the routine of A and C and everyone else there with us, simply smile and enjoy it, my Juicy Lucy is femandjoy doing this and that - CUM always great, but never wake up again, femandjoy but smiled . I have a weekend in the Barossa through the company i with (it was a weekend of high-performance conference was to leave children at home Y were both very excited, but and I realized I was uncomfortable, I asked, and she said nothing wrong. talk about our thoughts, etc. and ended up talking private fantasies, Juicy Lucy told him about her a lot of guys screws, and that's the biggest surprise when I was - he said he felt so guilty when we have sex, because the only way is femandjoy out - when I called Juicy Lucy, and went through the routine of toys, etc. , and whisper hAll works. which became so on and started it for me (not his normal behavior) to mock up her skirt and plays with her pussy (which would in their pink panties with ruffles ) and only allowed me to play again ( steaming it was very wet and so on ) - I called juicy Lucy, and her pussy was so juicy, deepened his Hans in his pants and pulled out her wet fingers and put them directly in the mouth... This was very different femandjoy and exciting that now I wanted to mess up and parked the car in a parking lot for trucks, but said nothing, we must and can do so later at the motel. I was very disappointed. but a raging hard on. What a tease and she enjoyed it. in the 10 years of marriage never happened b4. We turned to our motel and we were shown our room, king size bed that looked so so comfortable, and lied the skirt allows the movement of your legs to lift. I swear he could smell her pussy Juicy (I was lying beside her and began toJuicy Lucy Whisper things, but just did sleep, I started running my fingers through his leg, and touched the wettest panties, she's had, I began to slide my fingers in the back, but turned right and pulled legs together. WTF ? I thought this was for her and tourture me? Why suddenly got up and began to unpack our suitcase, was the first thing I noticed his old bastard PAJAMAS ME - I have a large capacity hard disk and went directly to her, but she ignored me (I was totally confused and shit went. unpacked femandjoy and explained about the wine route you intend to enter the next hour talking. fuck the wine route, I thought, but do not tell. She knew I was very excited and came to me and just released her head on my shoulder and gave me the hottest kiss ever given. s I put my hand under her skirt to her pussy ( which femandjoy was still dripping ) started the Juicy Lucy routine (I have always worked so ) that I love playing with her pussy was quiet, but soonif it was to take off their panties cooled again ? ? WTF, but I went to the bathroom and had a straw. When I left, I noticed her panties were in our laundry bag femandjoy ? ? I touched his femandjoy back and slowly kissed her again, and got my hands under her skirt, which put them in her panties black tips ( but the area was dry as hell ), I started to talk about the Juicy Lucy, and she started kissing passiontly I realized once again tried my hand under her panties and then cooled ? ? Ok, I thought, and said we must be ready for the trip. we set off and met with John, Dave and Malcolm, my work, they femandjoy are all younger than us, and unmarried. Replace the regular porn Malcolm and me ( And it is this knowledge at the time ) Malcolm MMF etc. were always things that he knew that I loved, but I've never been anything to argue with him, but he loved my wives porno male British house parties was for additional income and slag, which was the road trip with rugby teams on buses. If you meet Malcolm has a b4d almost caught us again if we were watching porn in a middle-aged woman with three screws guys while I was bound and blindfolded by her husband. John and Dave were good friends with Malcolm, but I just met this weekend, as used by other offices, who were so kind. And it has very femandjoy good relations with them and we were together on femandjoy the tour, which seemed very friendly compfortable and flirted a bit ( which is very strange), but I was always excited (and I said, this) We all tipsy, but very happy. And almost without legs, as if he does not drink. End of Part 1
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